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As a mature learner, I felt that Karyne was able to allay my fears by explaining the logic behind every step in the swim process. She was patient and truly natural in putting me at ease due to my anxiety level in wanting to beat my own fears. At 50, I am proud to have learnt swimming - thanks to Karyne this is off my list for 2021! ❣️

Maureen, via Google review

Had some lessons with Coach Karyne recently. A very patient and friendly coach who systematically breaks down the steps of the swimming style. She has such positive vibes that will make you look forward to the next lesson!

Carol, Via Google Review

Karyne is friendly, patient and break down the lessons in a way that it easy to understand and follow. She even managed to correct my stroke which I've been trying to fix for a year! Recommended for all who wants to learn swimming in a pressure-free environment.

Jennifer Hofman, Via Google Review

I used to have phobia of water. After learning Swimming from Coach Karyne i gain so much water confidence! At my age of 52yrs old learning new skills really not easy but she really patience with me. I dont think other coach will be able to tolerate me.

I highly recommend private swimming lesson with Coach Karyne.

Suraya, Via Google Review

Was so scare of water for yrs... finally 1 day found Karyne. Great that she responsed fast, if not I might procrastinate again. She is pro and patience, like her teaching method as it slowly let me swim without fear and finally yeah... can swim like a pro... without stamina... but that my part to improve my stamina le.... :)

Linda Ong, Via Google Review

Super amazing coach Karyne !! She is patient , sincere, detailed coach. She explained every single steps clearly, guide me a lot and help me to become a proper swimmer. So happy I came across her page and learnt from her. It was a wonderful and enjoyable lessons with reasonable cost. Highly recommended for private female Swimming lessons 🤩🤩🤩. Thank K 😘

Cindy, Via Google Review

Karyne is a patient and professional instructor. Her lessons are systematic and easy to follow. She is also flexible and accommodating, especially when I had to reschedule lessons.

Being an adult learner with limited experience in swimming, there was a little bit of anxiety before I started the lessons. However, through Karyne's close guidance and step-by-step approach, I was able to develop the skills and techniques to swim with confidence.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a swimming instructor!

Melissa, Via Google Review

Spent 10 months of swimming session, and very well worth it as she understood my goals and ensures my movements are locked in my muscle memory. She’s also very meticulous in her teachings, and has a sharp eye in each postures and movements. Overall, superb learning experience and would definitely recommend!

Dayah, Via Google Review

I joined the swimming class with my friend. I used to have phobia of water. After learning swimming from Coach Karyne, I am able to swim in the water confidently. She is a super friendly, patient and professional coach. She explained every single steps to us clearly and easy to follow. It was a enjoyable lessons with reasonable price. Glad to know her. Highly recommended for private female Swimming lessons. Thanks Karyne. ♥️

Jia Lih, Via Google Review

I wanted to find a female instructor who can teach me freestyle and better improve my swimming skills. I am thankful to chance upon Karyne when I googled up. With her systematic training, I mastered my freestyle in 4 months! And also, big thank you for correcting my breaststroke which I learnt from young! Now with less effort I swim further and faster! Best of all, She is professional yet a fun coach to have! You will not regret your choice to choose her as your coach! :)

Jeanne Chua, Via Google Review

Karyne has been my swimming instructor since few years ago. I started with breast stroke 3/4years ago, I thought it would take me super long to pick up swimming as an adult learner, but Karyne made swimming very logical and easy to remember! Therefore, I decided to engage Karyne again recently to learn free styles, I am proud to say I am a real swimmer now :D I truly enjoy having my lessons with Karyne, she is patient and observant, always correct my wrong postures and try to make me swim like a pro! Overall, I am really happy to meet Karyne as a coach, and as a friend too! Strongly recommend!

Sheh Nee, Via Google Review

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