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Its never too late.


A Bit About Me

Patient and Passionate. 

Specialization: TEACHER OF ADULTS

Any adults both sexes, kids (3 to 11) who are beginners, Non Competitive, Aquaphobia sufferers, Stroke Corrections, Back, neck and shoulder problems and Pre natal swimming.

I was an adult learner who went through professional learning phases, I fully understood how different adults pick up swimming from children. My experiences are substantial, from physical to psychological challenges, I developed my own unique and effective teaching methods for different individuals especially handling adults with Aquaphobia, health issues and pregnant women who want to pick this fantastic exercise up. My secret to success is my patience and my passion for teaching. By the way, kids are welcomed too as I love their laughter and cheekiness! 

Last but not least, STAY FUN AND RELAXED!

'I treat your goal as mine, I do not give up until you do.'



Your development is prioritized over price tag.


Private Group Lesson Packages

Want to learn along with your friends or family? Take up this group package to enjoy great discounts while having fun!

Group Package:

2 pax, 4 x 1.5hrs @ $260 per pax

3 pax, 4 x 1hr 45mins @ $230 per pax

*80% of my clients only required one package!

*Please note that you are to form your own group.

*Rates are exclusive of my travel fee.

Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training Sessions are especially advantageous slow learners, senior citizens, people with medical conditions and those who require flexibility on scheduling. It’s also a great opportunity for any learners to boos performance, with measurable improvements during each session. See for yourself why Personal Training Sessions is always on demand.

Personal Packages: 

4 x 1.5hrs @ $350 (Graduate fast, if you can).

6 x 1hr @ $458

8 x 45mins @ $458 (Suitable for anyone who like or need it slow, also effective for freestyle).

a la carte rate: $70 per 45mins (for those who wants a trial or simply 1 lesson at a time. 

*80% of my clients only required one package based on my teaching methods!

*Rates are exclusive of my travel fee.

Kids Sessions

The ultimate essential skill your kid would require just like their math, ballet and enrichment classes. Learn to stay safe in the water with weekly fun and effective sessions! (Limited slots).

Package of 4 x 45mins:

1 pax @ $260

2 pax @ $160 each

3 pax @ $120 each

(You are to form your own group for now).

Parent & Toddler Handling

This package aims to make both the parents and the child to be safe and comfortable in the water especially when the parent is a non swimmer. You will be equipped with essential skills in handling your toddler for times without an instructor in the pool while creating strong bonding and trust until your toddler is ready to enroll for a regular swimming lesson.

Package: 4 x 30 to 45mins (depending on your toddler's attention span) @ $288.



Conduct at your condo, private pool or your friend's/ family private pool. A small travel fee of $2 to $6 apply per session depending on your location.

My available private pool, if you don't. (Applicable for adult sessions only):

Central West: Hillview 

North: Canberra 

East: Hougang 


Mon to Fri: Between 11am - 9.30pm

Sat: Give me some time off ;)

Sun: Between 11am - 7pm 


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